Updated February 11, 2008

On a diet, but no time to figure out a low-cal menu? Youre not the only one. In fact, some weight-loss companies have caught on to the fact that many people dont eat right because theyre just plain too busy. The answer: diet dishes delivered directly to your door. Health writer Amy Young recently put the trend to the test. Along with a mild case of indigestion, she learned these pointers:

  • Potatoes and rice are perfectly acceptable options with dinner, but portions should be limited.
  • Half a small banana, glazed with light syrup, and a teaspoon of chopped walnuts is a nutritious, low-calorie way to “perk up” French toast.
  • The addition of Portobello mushrooms takes your calorie-controlled personal pizza to a whole new level.

Also, check out these companies for diet deliveries:

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