August 31, 2001

Use the five-pound rule
“Anybody on a new medication who gains five pounds in a month should see her doctor immediately,” weight-control expert George Blackburn, MD, says.

Take note
Rule out the other reasons you might be gaining weight by keeping a log of what you eat and how much you exercise for a week. If you dont appear to be eating more or exercising less, take the journal to your doctor.

Dont stop taking your medicine
Wait until you see your doc, who may be able to prescribe an alternative.

Get help
If you need to stay on your meds, see a dietitian or personal trainer (or both). In many cases, lifestyle changes will be enough to keep the extra weight off.

Dress to look your best—now
Get professional advice on how to dress for your body shape with a free consultation at a store like Nordstrom, Talbots, or J. Jill.