Your guide to boosting immunity and preventing cold and flu the natural way.

Updated: March 02, 2016

While the experts agree there's no magic pill to stave off the insidious cold and flu, a growing body of research suggests that some of the strongest weapons in your arsenal could be as near as your kitchen or medicine cabinet. This guide brings together the latest research and expert advice.

what-to-eat-if-you-have-coldSuperfoods that Fight Colds
Trying to avoid colds and flu? From oysters to sweet potatoes, these 20 immunity-boosting foods can help.

10-vitamins-crohnsSupplements and Foods the Experts Recommend For Cold-and-Flu Season
There's an ever-expanding assortment of products in the supplement aisle—and growing evidence that some of them really do work.

chckn-noodle-spinach-soup7 Healthy Chicken Soup Recipes
Can chicken soup really fight a cold? Maybe! Research suggests that serving yourself a steaming bowl of soup may actually help. These seven flavor-packed chicken soup recipes can still help you get back on your feet fast.

fight-cold-boost-immunityHow to Fight Colds, Flus, and Infections at Any Age
No matter where you go in life, somebodys sneezing, and possibly spreading colds, the flu, or other infections. Avoiding germy people is your best defense, but boosting your immunity is just as important for preventing colds, flus, and infections.

hot-tea-ucA Guide to Tea's Health Benefits
Beyond its pure enjoyment, tea is packed with health perks. The heart-health and cancer-preventive benefits of black and green teas are well-publicized. And more research is under way; some studies suggest tea may also increase bone-mineral density, boost immunity, fight cavities, combat diabetes, and reduce body fat.