By Dorothy Foltz-Gray
Updated: March 02, 2016

Build a better shopping list (and body) with these healthy foods recommended by Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, a nutrition consultant and author of The Pocket Idiots Guide to the New Food Pyramid.

Feed your brain
Tufts University researchers have found that the antioxidants in blueberries and salmon may help protect the brain from Alzheimers disease and dementia.

Eat for your eyes
Eggs contain two carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) that protect vision and choline, a key ingredient of a neuro-transmitter that gives memory a boost. And spinach, kale, and orange bell peppers have eye-protecting carotenoids, and many fruits contain protective vitamins A, C, and E.

Snack for your skin
Milk and other foods high in vitamin D—shrimp, sardines, eggs—may lower the risk of skin cancer. Plus, studies suggest that the ellagic acid in berries can prevent or slow skin cancer.

Feast to fight disease
An excellent source of protein, pork tenderloin has less heart-clogging fat than a boneless, skinless chicken breast. And extra-virgin olive oil is low in saturated fat and fights inflammation, implicated in heart disease and cancer.

Build better bones
The vitamin D in milk, OJ, and shrimp helps calcium absorption. Broccoli, spinach, and romaine are rich in bone-building vitamin K.