May 14, 2013

In a long road race, runners are sometimes greeted by stands of volunteers bearing fresh bananas or orange slices to keep their energy up. In real life, no one appears to hand us healthy snacks when hunger nags. These convenient snacks can be carried in your purse or tucked in a desk drawer, and they're healthy, to boot.

Trail mix
Dried fruits are full of antioxidants. And nuts offer vitamin E, protein, and healthy fats. Both are high in calories, so a small handful will do.

Mini–yogurt packs
Yogurt has 100 more milligrams of calcium per serving than milk. Go for those with no added sugar.

Instant oatmeal
High in fiber and iron, this whole grain beats back heart disease. Skip the flavored, sugary packs.

Whole-grain cereals and frozen waffles
Fiber-rich whole grains offer lots of nutrients like cancer-fighting selenium and heart-healthy potassium and magnesium.

Low-sodium, low-fat soups
Try vegetable, bean, or chicken noodle for about 90 to 170 calories per cup, 2 grams of fat, and 90 to 470 milligrams of sodium (your daily limit should hover at 2,300 milligrams of sodium).

Nut butters
Add cashew or almond butter to your peanut-butter routine. Theyre full of healthy unsaturated oils and protein—but watch the calories.

Those made with whole fruits and yogurt are full of antioxidants, fiber, and calcium. Check for added sugar.

Frozen fruits and vegetables
Theyre processed at the peak of freshness.
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