By Bethenny Frankel
September 02, 2001

From Health magazine
There's no need to let happy hour go to your hips. Maintain your swimsuit-season figure with these tips for lowering the calories in your favorite cocktails.

  • Skip syrupy mixes. Instead, let fresh fruit and juices flavor your cocktails. Your drinks will taste much better, and youll get a dose of antioxidants, too.
  • Add extra ice. Fill your glass with more ice. It means fewer calories ... and headaches.
  • Use flavored vodkas. Theyre available in everything from pear to pomegranate and make drinks tasty without extra calories.
  • Lighten up. When making your favorite drink recipe, replace half of the fruit cocktail or soft drink with club soda. Youll cut the calories, but still have plenty of flavor and nice fizz.

Bethenny Frankel is a celebrity natural-foods chef and owner of the baked-goods company bethennybakes.