April 10, 2013

From Health magazine
Ban bubbly drinks
The carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages can stay in your belly, causing visible bloating, says Walter Coyle, MD, gastroenterology program director at Scripps Medical Center in California.

Say no to gum
“It causes you to swallow air,” Dr. Coyle explains. Sugar­less gum has sorbitol, a sugar substitute that your gut bacteria turns into gas, giving you a pooch.

Drink tea
Peppermint tea (warm or iced) may ease the upset stomach that makes you look bloated.

Skip salty foods
They cause you to retain water, so you look bigger than you actually are.

Bring in good bugs
Take a probiotic (such as acidophilus) or eat yogurt with live cultures to boost the good bacteria in your digestive tract that keep you regular—and keep a puffy stomach at bay.
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