By Amy Spencer
Updated: December 01, 2007

Psst: Celebrities eat holiday cookies, too. So just how do they indulge and keep their bellies flat? We went to their trainers, stylists, and chefs for the little tricks that can help you stay slim (or at least look slim!) for the holidays, too.

1. Ramp it up, starting now.
Maybe this isnt what you wanted to hear, but the celebs trained by Jorgen de Mey start intensifying their workouts a few weeks before the holidays. The author of The Action Hero Body trained Bridget Moynahan (star of Six Degrees and I, Robot) through her pregnancy and is now working with Wedding Crashers star Isla Fisher through hers.

“Choose an intense workout that increases your heart rate for a longer period of time, and ramp up the number of workouts you do,” de Mey suggests. “This will burn more calories for that activity, and it will also increase your overall metabolic rate so you will burn off more of the party food youre eating.” For example: “One client was doing easy stretching yoga once a week and Spinning once a week. I had her skip the yoga for a while and, instead, just do the more-intense Spinning three times a week,” de Mey says.

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2. Eat healthy before a party.
“If you go to a party thats got rich, amazing food everywhere and youre starving, youre going to devour it,” says Ugly Betty star Rebecca Romijn. “I tend to eat a small, healthy meal to fill up before I go to a party.” Her favorite fill-you-up snack? “Almonds that I get at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles. I keep bags of them.”

3. Here's a skinny tip for grazing the buffet.
That excitement you feel at a holiday party can lead to a lot of mindless eating, says Kathleen Daelemans, author of Cooking Thin With Chef Kathleen. But dont waste your calories on things you dont love. Heres a tip she gave Katie Couric on choosing party-food calories well: “Survey the spread before you take a single bite, and decide on three things youre absolutely dying to try. Then, fill the rest of your plate with healthy food, like raw broccoli, carrots, or salad. For every bite you want of good food, take three bites of your healthy pick first—take three bites of broccoli, one bite of the food you wanted, three more bites of broccoli, and another bite of the food you wanted. Youll fill up fast.”

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4. Slenderize by emphasizing your waist.
Its not all about how to eat and work out. Stars have expert help in knowing how to dress to look as trim as possible. “Every figure will look slimmer if you draw the eye in toward the waist,” says designer Bradley Bayou, who has dressed Oprah Winfrey, Eva Longoria, and Queen Latifah. His book, The Science of Sexy, provides style tips to flatter every weight, height, and shape.

Any woman can create a slim, attractive look, Bayou says. The trick is to create a V that points to your waist. “If you wear a dark blazer that belts or cinches in at the waist over a brightly colored top or dress, you can hide a multitude of sins,” he says. “V-necks are your best friends during the holidays.”

Try a peplum- or princess-seam blazer, both of which cinch or curve in and then flare out toward the hips. A belted military blazer works, too. “The triangle of color created by the V-shape of the blazer points right to your waist, giving the illusion of a slim, hourglass figure,” Bayou says. The same goes for V-neck sweaters and dresses—belt them at the waist to create the same slenderizing effect.

5. Try a tall do.
Even your hairstyle can help slenderize your face, if you go for a style thats long and vertical. “The one that will make anyone look skinnier is the half-up, half-down style,” explains Victor Lomeli, a Los Angeles hairstylist to the stars. “I do this for Marisa Tomei all the time. Its her favorite.”

Here, Lomeli tells you how to do the do: “Break the hair on the head into two pieces, one above the ear line and one below. Turn the top half into a ponytail, with hair pulled straight up from the crown so its full, and leave the bottom down.”

“This style looks good on everyone,” the stylist adds. “It makes you look taller. And when you look taller, you look skinnier.”

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6. Keep your face fit (yes, your actual face).
“Keep face muscles looking firm with cheek- and chin-tightening exercises,” says Derek Noble, a fitness trainer and host of Urban Fitness on the Discovery Channels FitTV. For cheeks: Suck in your cheeks like youre making a fish-face; hold for 10 seconds, then release. For neck muscles: Push your chin up toward your nose, as if youre trying to stick your lower jaw above your upper jaw; hold 10 seconds, then release. Repeat each move 10 times to complete a set. “Do two to three sets of each exercise daily to keep your face looking lean during the holidays,” Noble says.