By As told to Jacquelyne Froeber
Updated December 22, 2009

From Health magazine
Heather Harvey, 38 of Brooklyn, New York actively made the decision to make big changes in order to get healthy.

I was five months pregnant with my second child when I stepped on the scale—and it read 233. Seeing that number shocked me into action, so that same afternoon I walked into an Equinox gym and asked for help. A trainer started me on an elliptical, which I worked out on for 30 minutes a day, five times a week.


I also wrote down everything I ate. Those two changes made my blood pressure drop and my pregnancy healthier. After my son was born, I continued to exercise and also used measuring cups to control portions.

One morning while pouring cereal, it hit me how convenient it would be to have a bowl premarked with portions. So I created dishware called Measure Up Bowls. Today, Im 83 pounds lighter—and Im so excited to help other women succeed, too.

Super-Pregnant to Slim timeline

  • 233 lbs-November 2006-Expecting … and in need of a gym
  • 215 lbs-May 2007-New baby = cardio circuits at home
  • 205 lbs-June 2007-Strict portion control is working!
  • 165 lbs-January 2008-My first unassisted pull-up
  • 150 lbs-Now-Hello, size-6 jeans!

Her gift: To help Heather track the intensity of her cardio workouts, Polar is giving her the FT40 watch ($179.95), which monitors calories and fat burned via heart rate, and the heart-rate-sensing Cardio Sports Bra ($69.99). Go Heather!