July 15, 2013

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The CarbLovers Diet has more than 70 delicious, healthy recipes. But busy schedules dont always allow time to cook. If youre in a rush, try these diet-friendly convenience foods.

These frozen meals all contain at least one high Resistant Starch ingredient. Swap them for any meal on the CarbLovers plan.

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Serve a breakfast option that contains fewer than 250 calories (see asterisks) along with a banana (preferred) or another piece of fruit.

FoodCaloriesServing size
Jimmy Dean D-lights Turkey Bacon Bowl*2401
Aunt Jemima Sausage & Egg Scramble3001
Jimmy Dean D-lights Turkey Sausage Whole Grain Bagel2601
Bob Evans Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal Bowl*2401
Smart Ones Breakfast Quesadilla2401
Smart Ones Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich*2401
Amys Breakfast Burrito*2501
Amys Breakfast Scramble Wrap3801
Amys Multi-Grain Hot Cereal Bowl*1901
Amys Steel-Cut Oats Hot Cereal Bowl2201
Amys Tofu Scramble3201
Aunt Jemima Great Starts Scrambled Eggs & Bacon with Hash Brown Potatoes3201
Lean Pockets Applewood Bacon, Egg, & Cheese2901
Fiber One Blueberry Muffins*1801
Eggo Nutri-Grain Waffles*1702

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Recommended Lunch and Dinner Options

Pair each lunch and dinner option with a small side salad and fat-free vinaigrette OR steamed vegetables.

FoodCaloriesServing size
Healthy Choice Oven Roasted Chicken2601
Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Chicken Pesto Classico3201
Marie Callenders Honey Roasted Turkey3101
Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken3001
Kashi Black Bean Mango (over pilaf)3401
Kashi Ranchero Beans3401
Lean Cuisine Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Chicken2901
Lean Cuisine Ginger Garlic Stir Fry with Chicken2801
Lean Cuisine Salmon with Basil2201
Amys Black Bean Vegetable Enchilada3601
Amys Mexican Tofu Scramble4001
Aunt Jemima Great Starts Scrambled Eggs & Bacon with Hash Brown Potatoes3201
Amys Spinach Feta in a Pocket Sandwich2601
Lean Pockets Whole Grain Turkey, Broccoli, and Cheese2601
Lean Pockets Whole Grain Grilled Chicken, Mushroom, and Spinach2501