Are Audicus Hearing Aids Right for You?

People love the Audicus brand. But should this be your next hearing device?

Key Takeaways

  • FDA-approved hearing aids at an affordable price
  • Five models including an invisible fit and a Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Quick and easy online hearing test
  • Unlimited access to hearing professionals
  • Monthly membership plans available with no cancellation fees

Many people love Audicus hearing aids, and the company's unique membership program makes hearing aids affordable. You can complete the entire buying process online—from hearing test to audiologist programming—making them easily accessible, too. Alongside their online purchase options, Audicus also has clinics around the US, with their newest clinics located in New York City and Chicago.

Audicus gives you the option to purchase your hearing aids with one up-front payment or through a monthly membership. Included in a single monthly membership fee is the latest hearing aid technology, unlimited batteries and supplies, unlimited access to hearing specialists and technicians, and full protection against defects, damage, and loss of your hearing aids. Audicus even upgrades your hearing aids to the newest model automatically every 18 months.

These are all huge perks for people with hearing loss, but Audicus hearing aids may not be right for everyone. Health editors researched the company's hearing aids, buying process, and independent Audicus hearing aid reviews so you can have the full picture and find the best hearing aids for you.

Audicus Hearing Aids Pros and Cons


  • Industry-leading hearing aid prices for comparable models
  • Highly accurate online hearing test
  • All-inclusive membership plans with no cancellation penalty
  • Rechargeable and Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids available
  • 45-day free trial period
  • FDA-approved devices
  • Multiple styles including a new invisible in-the-canal hearing aid
  • Hearing aids customized to your hearing test results by licensed hearing specialists
  • Models suitable for severe hearing loss
  • Entirely online shopping experience available
  • Clinic locations around the US offering free hearing assessments and support


  • Less generous standard warranty compared to some brands

What Type of Hearing Aids Does Audicus Offer?

Audicus currently sells five hearing aid models. Prices range from $499 per ear for the entry-level model to $1,399 per ear for its top-of-the-line hearing aids. The company's current lineup includes:

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The Spirit

Audicus Spirit Hearing Aid

The Spirit is the newest hearing aid in the Audicus lineup and easily the company's most innovative model yet. The receiver-in-the canal device is small and stays free of earwax build-up, thanks to the wax guards.

The most notable feature is the remote hearing adjustments that allow you to receive on-demand audiologist adjustments on your Apple or Android smartphone. An Audicus specialist can provide modifications to the sound and quality of your hearing aids through your smartphone while connected to the Hearing Remote app. Remote adjustments may take 72 hours to complete after you put in a request.

The Spirit is powered by rechargeable batteries, making it easy to recharge overnight. Plus, it's Bluetooth-enabled, which allows you to stream directly from your smartphone to make calls, watch TV, listen to music, and control your devices.

That said, it does come with a higher price tag. Starting at $1,399 per ear, the Spirit costs $500 more per ear than the Wave, which is the company's best high-tech hearing aid after the Spirit. The membership is the priciest of all the models too, coming in at $89 per month per ear.

Our thoughts: The Spirit may be a good choice if you have a bigger budget and want a hearing aid with cutting-edge remote adjustment capabilities, rechargeable batteries, and Bluetooth-enabled.

TO BUY: or call 1-833-766-4780

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The Dia II

Audicus Dia

The Dia II is a behind-the-ear hearing aid suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Even though it's the most affordable Audicus model, it has directional microphones, advanced noise reduction and feedback cancellation, and eight processing channels. It also automatically adjusts to your environment for an improved hearing experience. The Dia II is compatible with the classic remote, which is tiny enough to slip in a pocket or clip discreetly to clothing.

The Dia II only comes with disposable batteries. The price is $499 each or $39 per month with an Audicus membership.

Our thoughts: This type of Audicus hearing aid may be the right choice for you if you have mild to moderate hearing loss and need an affordable hearing device with some of the best bells and whistles, like the ability to filter background sounds when you need to.

TO BUY: or call 1-833-766-4780

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The Clara

Audicus Clara hearing aid

The Clara is a cashew-sized, receiver-in-canal hearing aid. It's available with a power receiver upgrade making it an option for people with more severe hearing loss. The Clara comes standard with eight processing channels and an optional upgrade to 12. The Clara is compatible with the Bluetooth remote and docking station so you can stream audio directly to your hearing aids from most audio sources.

Audicus Clara comes standard with disposable batteries but a rechargeable upgrade is available. Prices start at $699 per ear or $49 per month with an Audicus membership.

Our thoughts: The Clara may be the best fit for you if you have mild to severe hearing loss and are looking for a more customized hearing device with significant settings you can adjust to your preferences.

TO BUY: or call 1-833-766-4780

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The Aura

The Aura Audicus Hearing Aid

Audicus launched the Aura in late 2020 to enthusiastic reviews. The micro in-the-canal hearing aid is truly invisible to all but the closest observers. The device fits securely inside the ear with no external wires or tubes. If you've ever dislodged your hearing aid putting on glasses or a COVID-19 mask, we think you'll love the Aura's clever internal design.

The Aura gets about a week of use with disposable batteries; unfortunately, there is currently no rechargeable option. Prices start at $699 per ear or $49 per month with an Audicus membership.

Our thoughts: The Aura may be your best pick if you don't care about having a rechargeable option, have mild to moderately severe hearing loss, and are looking for an inconspicuous hearing device that's extremely comfortable.

TO BUY: or call 1-833-766-4780

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The Wave

Audicus Wave hearing aid

The Wave is a high-tech Bluetooth device that is one of our top picks for best Bluetooth hearing aids. It's available with Made for iPhone and Made for Android technology, so you won't need a separate accessory to stream from your phone, tablet, or compatible TV. It has two directional microphones, 12 processing channels, and 10 volume settings.

You can get the Wave with standard disposable batteries or upgrade to rechargeable ones. Prices start at $899 per ear or $59 per month with an Audicus membership.

Our thoughts: The Wave may be the best choice for you if you have mild to severe hearing loss and the budget for incredibly advanced features. You'll love The Wave if finding a Bluetooth-enabled, rechargeable hearing device is your number one priority.

TO BUY: or call 1-833-766-4780.

What Is the Audicus Membership Program?

The Audicus membership program frequently comes up on consumer review sites as a reason people love Audicus hearing aids. It's essentially a monthly hearing aid subscription you can start and stop at any time without penalty or cancellation fee.

What's included with an Audicus membership:

  • Customized hearing aids programmed and fit by Audicus hearing specialists
  • Unlimited technical support including hearing aid adjustments and reprogramming
  • New disposable batteries, domes, and earwax guards automatically delivered every three months (you can request them whenever you need them at no charge)
  • No-deductible protection against loss or damage
  • Free upgrades to the latest-model hearing aid every 18 months

If you're not sure hearing aids are right for you, the membership program is a no-commitment way to try them for a month or two without a huge investment.

It's also an innovative solution for special occasions when you want to enhance your hearing. If you don't normally wear hearing aids but you want to make sure you hear every word of your daughter's wedding or catch all the calls at a live sporting event, subscribe for a month. Choose the Aura and no one will even know you're wearing a hearing aid.

The Audicus Hearing Test

Although you can buy Audicus hearing aids using an outside online hearing test, most people use the free online hearing test on the Audicus website. The Audicus hearing test is highly regarded by hearing professionals. It's one way the company distinguishes itself from big-box stores and other online hearing brands.

Audicus CEO Patrick Freuler spent two years working with neuroscientists to develop the test. It uses industry-standard fitting algorithms and sophisticated error-detection algorithms to ensure accuracy. Audicus tests each ear twice at five different frequencies.

The test starts with a brief questionnaire to help the hearing specialists optimize your fit. It takes about five minutes to complete and the results are available immediately. A copy is also emailed to you. You have to provide your email address and phone number to take the test, and the company isn't shy about using them to market its products.

Buying Audicus Hearing Aids

Most people don't immediately think of shopping online when it comes to hearing aids. While it's most common to buy hearing aids from Costco or a hearing center, people are increasingly turning to online brands. In addition to low prices, the convenience of shopping at home is an attractive option, especially in light of COVID-19.

Audicus does a good job of simulating the audiologist-office experience online. The hearing test is more thorough than most online tests and similar to the one used by audiologists. Your hearing aids are custom fit based on your results. All Audicus hearing aids are FDA approved and dispensed by licensed hearing professionals. You get all the benefits of an in-person visit without leaving your home.

The starting list price for hearing aids is for disposable batteries; you'll pay extra if you want rechargeable hearing aids. The price includes the devices themselves, a starter supply of batteries, a carrying case, a cleaning brush, and a variety of rubber domes.

The Audicus Warranty and Trial Period

All Audicus hearing aids come with a 45-day trial period. You can return your hearing aids for any reason for a full refund within that time.

The 12-month warranty covers product defects. It does not, however, cover damaged or lost devices. You can buy a separate two-year protection plan that covers loss and damage if you don't want an Audicus membership.

Audicus Accessories

Audicus sells several hearing aid supplies and accessories on its website. These are sold separately and not included in an Audicus membership:

  • The classic remote (Dia II and Clara): $199
  • Bluetooth remote and docking station (Clara): $399
  • Power Pack quick-charging case for rechargeable hearing aids (Clara and Wave): $49
  • UV Dry Box to dry and sanitize your hearing aids (not for use with rechargeable hearing aids): $65

Audicus also offers a "change service" as a way to save money on hearing aids. If you have a friend or family member with a pair of Audicus hearing aids they no longer use, the company will reprogram and custom fit them to your hearing test for $100.

Audicus Hearing Aid Reviews

We checked what customers were saying about Audicus hearing aids on the company's website and on third-party review sites.

The Better Business Bureau gives Audicus an A+ rating. There were just three complaints on the BBB site between 2018 and 2021, and the Audicus customer service team responded quickly to each. Customers rated Audicus 4.63 out of 5 stars.

Consumer Advocate awarded Audicus 4.9 out of 5 stars and gave it an "excellent" rating. Customers routinely mentioned the positive buying experience in their reviews.

Although complaints and poor reviews were rare, they generally related to confusion about the different protection plan and membership options. Few reviewers had issues with the quality of the hearing aids or overall customer service.

Audicus Hearing Aids: The Bottom Line

COVID-19 made shopping online an acceptable option for many health products; hearing aids are no exception. Audicus, however, managed to make the online buying experience almost like buying from a hearing center without the in-person visit. From the sophisticated hearing test to the high-tech, custom-fit hearing aids, Audicus delivers a reassuring, customer-centric buying process.

The Audicus membership program is ideally suited to people who want an all-inclusive, worry-free hearing aid experience. If you're the type of person who buys the new iPhone the day it comes out, you'll love the free upgrades every 18 months.

The standard Audicus one-year warranty is less generous than that of some other brands. If you're hard on personal electronics, the standard warranty might not be adequate for your needs. You'll need to pay extra for a membership or upgraded protection plan to get the level of coverage that comes standard with many hearing aids.

Customer service hours are also limited. The call center is only staffed from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. If you need help outside those hours, your only option is email.

Bottom line? If you're considering new hearing aids, Audicus deserves to be near the top of your list. The monthly membership plan and free trial period makes it easy to try them out without a long-term commitment.

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