The Hatch Restore Completely Changed the Way I Sleep and Wake Up in the Morning

I'll never sleep without it again.

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Hatch Restore Sound Machine

Health / Jaclyn Mastropasqua

I have a love-hate relationship with sleep. It’s my greatest passion and pastime but when it comes time to actually unwind for the night, I fall into the category of one of a third of the general population who struggles with insomnia, according to the National Institutes of Health. 

But after moving to different apartments in New York City, I learned two things about my type of insomnia: I’m a very light sleeper so my environment matters—and so does white noise. I discovered that sleeping next to a powerful in-window air-conditioning unit blocked out the world and lulled me to sleep each night.  

After leaving my precious built-in white noise at that apartment, I was soon introduced to the compact Hatch Restore Sound Machine Sunrise Alarm Clock and it’s been able to help me fall and stay asleep every single night I’ve used it—which is no easy feat. 

The Hatch Restore comes with a library of white noise or nature sounds and 22 sunset light color options to pair pick from that you can control via app or touch on the Restore itself. You can also adjust the brightness or easily shift to the nighttime reading light and if you want to add to your collection of sound content, it comes with a 30-day Hatch Sleep Membership trial. 

Hatch Restore Sound Machine


To buy: Hatch Restore, $130;

Since your chosen noise plays consistently and steadily throughout the night along with your set hue (I prefer light rain with a light blue glow), there’s no jarring break in noise like I’ve experienced with other noise machines that disturb my light-sleeping self. 

Not only is this three-in-one bedside sound machine, sunrise alarm, and lamp combo sleeker than the massive air-conditioning unit I previously depended on for white noise, it’s also customizable with the unwind relax and soothing wake-up alarm routines you can personalize. My favorite part about the sunrise alarm is that since it gently starts shifting to light exposure first—before blaring noise—it’s significantly less harsh than a traditional alarm, making my wake-up experience far more pleasurable.

All I can say is, I notice a huge difference in my sleep since using it, especially when I travel and have to sleep and wake up without it—and I’m clearly not the only one who feels this way. The Hatch Restore has over 5,600 five-star ratings on Amazon with tons of rave reviews. 

Hatch Restore Sound Machine


To buy: Hatch Restore, $130;

One five-star reviewer described it as “a must for morning and night routines.” “I was always a ‘let me set three alarms just in case’ well the Hatch has stopped me from doing that and now my mornings are more enjoyable,” they wrote. Another fan echoed their love for the Hatch Restore’s sunrise alarm feature and shared “I feel more at peace, awake, and aware of my surroundings without feeling the need to instantly reach for coffee.” 

This sound machine is “worth the hype,” revealed another happy user who said they’ve “tried other sound machines and this one takes the cake.” They particularly loved how the sounds “don’t sound artificial.” 

One recent customer commented something that I could have written myself: “Is it too dramatic to say it changed my life?” 

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