Here are four of our favorite healthy yogurt-based dessert recipes.

September 01, 2017

It’s a classic struggle: Dinnertime came and went and you’re ready to nosh on something sweet. We’ve all been there. Unfortunately it’s not always easy to indulge the way you want to without cramping your healthy eating style. After all, a measly half-cup of your favorite ice cream can set you back more than 250 calories (and who really keeps it to a half-cup anyway?).

Luckily there are easy ways to curb your dessert cravings without wrecking your diet. In this video, we’re bringing you four of our favorite healthy dessert recipes. Each sweet gets a serious hit of nutrition from yogurt. The super versatile ingredient adds a decadent and creamy texture to the desserts while also bumping up their protein content. The result is four good-for-you desserts that keep you feeling satisfied for the night—no midnight munchies needed.

The clip above will show you how easy it is to add protein to classic desserts by simply swapping digestion-friendly yogurt for classic ingredients like heavy cream. Whether it’s a vanilla fro-yo popsicle or miniature pie bites that come with a frozen yogurt filling, these sweets promise to offer something for every palate. How sweet is that?

If you’re a sucker for a classic creamsicle, try our orange and vanilla yogurt pops that deliver a tangy, healthy bite thanks to the addition of tart orange juice concentrate. And don’t think we forgot about you chocolate lovers. Our healthy chocolate mousse made from Greek yogurt (and studded with antioxidant-packed raspberries!) is sure to cure your daily need for cocoa. The spoonable treat tastes rich but only has 170 calories. Even better, it packs 11 grams of protein per serving, almost twice as much as a single egg.

Watch the video above to start mixing up four high-protein desserts that are perfect for a post-dinner treat.