4 Winter Salads With the Season's Freshest Ingredients

When you think of winter foods, you probably don’t think of salad. But it’s actually a perfect alternative when you’re fed up with soups. And while we love a comforting serving of chili or stew, sometimes a bowl full of fresh, seasonal ingredients just hits the spot. These four recipes do just that.

Upgrade your typical grilled chicken salad with citrus fruit and walnuts, two ingredients that provide more health perks than you may realize. For example, in addition to vitamin C, oranges also pack B vitamins, calcium, and dietary fiber. (Plus they taste delicious too.)

Another salad with a citrus twist: goat cheese, pomegranate seeds, and clementines. The mix is sweet, savory, and rich in antioxidants.

Need a side dish for a cozy dinner? Try our recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. The two veggies prove to be a winning combo that will warm you up fast.

If you’re looking for a dish with flavors from around the world, check out our shaved carrot salad with a nutty ginger dressing. If you’ve got carrots in your fridge and a jar of peanut or almond butter in your pantry, you’re on your way to whipping up this easy side.

Watch the video to learn these creative ways to upgrade your salad bowl this season.

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