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For those times you don't have a hard-boiled egg on hand.

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If you're not already doing Whole30, it’s likely you've taken peek at the books, scrolled the hashtag on social media, or endured at least one rambling rave about it from your gym buddy. Since its creation in 2009 by sports nutritionists Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, the trendy elimination diet—which focuses on fruits, veggies, fish, and healthy fats and bans all grains, dairy, sugars, soy, legumes, and most processed foods—has been passionately embraced by people looking for a way to reset their eating habits, especially at this time of year, when resolutions are everywhere and we're all still feeling the excesses of the holidays.


There's no denying Whole30 is a big commitment in all sorts of ways, but for the time-strapped (ie, everyone), one of the biggest challenges of the regimen can be finding a way to eat healthfully and compliantly when you're on the go but feel a fit of hangry coming on.Though Melissa Hartwig and her team discourage packaged foods (and snacking in general), chances are high that sometime in the next 30 days your belly will start rumbling loudly, and you won't have a stash of hard-boiled eggs on hand.


So, why not be prepared? With a bit of smart shopping, it is possible to put together an arsenal of convenient Whole30-approved snacks that will keep you ticking till dinner time

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