Sushi showdown: Find out which roll is more waist-friendly.

Credit: Photos: Travis Rathbone

While neither will “steamroll” your diet, a spicy tuna roll can better help you stick with it. “Even though spicy tuna rolls are made with a touch of mayo, they still have fewer calories than ones with avocado, and the tuna is a great way to get in some healthy fat,” says Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, a dietitian in Chicago. And most people order a starter salad at Japanese restaurants anyway, so you don’t really need the avocado to get your produce fix.

That said, both sushi-place picks offer a lot of lean—and energizing—protein (about a third to a half of a day’s worth). If you just love white rice, don’t fret—white and brown have practically the same amount of calories (who knew?). But overall, brown is healthier, giving you more fiber and nutrients like magnesium and manganese.

Tip: Add a cup of miso soup to your order—at around 50 calories, the broth will help fill you up; plus, the tofu gives you an extra hit of protein. Now you’re on a roll!

Here are four more tricks for ordering at your favorite sushi spot.

Dragons are dangerous

In fairy tales and at restaurants. Many dragon rolls pack more than 500 cals—it’s the toppings and crunchy tempura.

Beware of bowls

Chicken teriyaki bowls sound virtuous. But all that rice and the sticky-sweet sauce can cost you upwards of 1,000 calories.

Hook some sashimi

Still a little hungry? Grab an order of sashimi à la carte. You’ll get as much protein for about a third of the calories of a roll.

Resist the (fried) ice cream

Going with just plain green tea ice cream will save you up to 500 calories.