From Health magazineHere, our guide to which healthy catches should end up on your plate—and which are better left in the sea.

Eat it …

  • Domestic shrimp: A good source of omega-3s and light: just 21 calories per 1/4 pound. Go for U.S. wild-caught or farmed.
  • Albacore (U.S. caught) or yellowfin tuna: These are both great and safe sources of omega-3s and vitamin D.
  • Scallops: Low in calories and fat, scallops have high levels of vitamin B12, crucial for cardiovascular health.

Skip it …

  • Imported shrimp: Avoid varieties such as blue shrimp and giant tiger prawn, due to contaminants from pollution.
  • Bluefin tuna: Another fish to dodge, due to high mercury levels.
  • Swordfish: One of the highest mercury amounts. Also avoid these: king and Spanish mackerel, shark, and tilefish.