Whether you're vegan or lactose intolerant, these candies are not off-limits.

By Taylyn Washington-Harmon
October 16, 2020
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Going vegan doesn't mean you have to go without candy this Halloween. These 31 store-bought candy types—from suckers to gum to fizzy drops to caramel and peanut butter bars—taste like the regular kind. Yet they contain none of the usual vegan-unfriendly no-go's, such as honey, confectioner's glaze, gelatin, shellac, dairy, casein, or whey. Plus, they're primarily PETA-approved...and fit perfectly into trick-or-treating pumpkins and bags.


Airheads are not only vegan, there's gluten-free as well! One exception: Airheads Bites, which contain beeswax, gelatin, and shellac.

To buy: Airheads Bars ($10, amazon.com

Atomic Fireballs

If you're vegan and like your candy with a kick, try Atomic Fireballs, which contain no animal products and are gluten-free. Just don't pop too many at once!

Big League Chew

Vegan gum lovers rejoice: Big League Chew is 100% vegan, and not made with lanolin like a number of non-vegan gums.

Bottle Caps

I love love love the fizzy flavor of Bottle Caps candy, and it's a huge plus that they're vegan. Looking forward to getting these in this year's trick-or-treat mix.

Brach's Lemon Drops

Lemon drops are are the perfect not-too-sweet, not-too-sour candy that just happens to be vegan, and made with 100% lemon juice.

Charms Blow Pops

Gotta love candy with a sweet surprise inside. In this case, chewy bubble gum that keeps the fun going—and both the gum and the lolli are animal product-free.


Chick-O-Sticks are major childhood favorite, chockfull of peanut buttery goodness. And I'm so happy to find out they're vegan!


Vegan caramel isn't easy to come by, so let's give praise to Cocomels. Their candies are all plant-based, meaning you don't have to sacrifice your vegan diet for a caramel craving.


Dots are the perfectly poppable movie theater candy that also makes the rounds every Halloween—and to my surprise, they're gluten-free and vegan!

Dum Dums Lollipops

I used to hoard Dum Dums as a schoolkid, hoping that if I send in enough wrappers, I'll get a free backpack. That never happened, but I'm glad I can still enjoy them as a nostalgic vegan treat.

Fun Dip

Fun Dip may get messy, but that's the price you pay to enjoy this colorful vegan candy.


Gobstoppers have many colorful layers, but none contain animal products...which making this vegan candy a winner this Halloween.

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

I haven't chewed Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape in a while, but I just realized how eco-friendly this gum is, thanks to the paper-free carrying case—and it's vegan! Now that's 6 feet of fun.

Jolly Ranchers

A kid once told me that I smell like Jolly Ranchers. I take that as a compliment because these vegan candies smell as good as they taste, and they come in an assortment of ways to enjoy them, from lollipops to sticks.


Chewy, delicious, and gelatin-free: Jujubes really are the perfect vegan candy.


Jujyfruits are the slightly cooler cousin of Jujubes because of their fun fruit shapes, and they happen to be vegan as well. They're not a substitute for actual fruit, but on Halloween they're close enough.

Laffy Taffy

The delicious creamy flavor of Laffy Taffy had me fooled. I never would have guessed these delicious taffy pieces were vegan-friendly!


Mambas are basically smoothies in candy form—except they're not as healthy. But at least they're vegan!


Nerds are super cute and come in a variety of colors. The fact that they're vegan is just a plus.

Now and Later

Now and Laters are the perfect vegan candy for those who tend to scarf down their candy way too fast. They basically melt in your mouth to let you savor the flavor.


Pez is another classic candy that to my surprise is vegan. Eat them alone or in a cool dispenser for plenty of fun this Halloween.

Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix are essentially powdered sugar dyed a rainbow color. It would be ridiculous if they weren't vegan!

Red Vines

Licorice lovers rejoice, Red Vines are vegan and so fun to eat.

Ring Pops

Remember getting "engaged" to your childhood crush with a Ring Pop? You can still enjoy this vegan candy (that doubles as fun jewelry) as an adult.


As a vegan, Skittles are my all-time favorite. These vegan candies are like a party in your mouth!


I love how Smarties work for basically every holiday involving candy. The fact that they're vegan and gluten-free make them the ultimate sweet treat.

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids are chewy, sour, sweet, colorful, and vegan. What more could you ask for?

Super Bubble

Challenge a fellow vegan friend to a bubble-blowing contest with this vegan gum. You won't be disappointed.


The original hard SweeTarts are vegan, but the chewy variety are not (they're made with egg albumin). Enjoy with caution!


Twizzlers, like Red Vines, are a go-to vegan licorice candy that's sure to satisfy.


Last but not least, the fizzy favorite Zotz are totally vegan and a sure-fire explosion in your mouth.

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