Tender Food and Recipes, or just "Tender" for short, is the foodie-equivalent of Tinder.

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If you're young and single today, you probably use, or at least know about, Tinder—the app that shows you photos of nearby potential mates, allowing you to ‘swipe left’ to pass or ‘swipe right’ if you like what you see. Well, not all of us are looking for love (or interested in finding it via cyberspace), but we think it's safe to say thatthis is an app anyone can use.

Tender Food and Recipes, or just "Tender" for short, is the foodie-equivalent of Tinder.

Photo: Courtesy of Tender

The new app, which was invented by three Boston-based friends, includes a seemingly endless supply of food photography, with each photo linked to a recipe found somewhere on the Internet. If you like what you see, you simply swipe right to get the recipe. Not interested? Swipe left, and move on.

“We are all constantly combating the impulse to just eat-out or pick something up. But Tender gets you psyched about the prospect of making food, and it makes it easy to do so,” Tender's co-founder Jordan Homan explained to Boston.com. Homan also said that the app has been described as addicting, and though it is targeted toward millennials, the creators were surprised that the platform has proven popular among the parents and grandparents of their intended audience as well.

The app has categories, such as drinks, dessert, chicken, vegan, and so on, that let users narrow their swiping down based on their mood. You can also simply search for a specific thing you want to make, like pad thai or pulled pork. And once you find a recipe you love, you can save it to your cookbook.

Worth a try? We think so. Tender Food and Recipes is free via iTunes and Google Play.

As Homan said, "We figure everyone’s gotta eat, so that has to be worth something.”