Yes, we’re contributing to the pumpkin-palooza that occurs every year at this time, but we’re also not sorry because pumpkin is delicious! (And healthy—this low-cal squash is packed with blood-pressure-lowering potassium and the antioxidant beta-carotene.)

Just when you think you’ve fallen in love with your favorite pumpkin drink (we’re looking at you Pumpkin Spiced Latte), you’ll second-guess everything when you taste this Pumpkin Pie Shake.

Instead of serving a slice of pumpkin pie with a scoop of ice cream next to it, why not combine those two tasty desserts into one decadent treat?

Bust out the blender, and toss in all the ingredients for a frosty shake. Low-fat dairy keeps the fat and calories to a minimum and brown sugar, canned pumpkin, and pumpkin-pie spice, kick the flavor into overdrive.

Try this recipe: Pumpkin Pie Shake