Just in case you're skeptical of the ingredients in the store-bought ones.

Recently, an Ohio woman said her son left a Wal-Mart Great Value ice cream sandwich outside for 12 hours in 80-degree weather and it didn't fully melt. This may because the ice cream contains more cream than other brands, as Wal-Mart claims, or because it contains stabilizers including guar gum and cellulose gum, which help the frosty indulgences maintain their shape, as the LA Times reports.

Now, guar and cellulose gum are both plant-based stabilizers and the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says they're safe for consumption. So this isn't the worst food-industry trick we've heard of, but it still got people questioning what they put into their bodies. As the Ohio mom Christie Watson told news station WCPO, "I thought to myself, what am I feeding my children?"

If you're looking for a hot-weather treat with ingredients you can pronounce (or you just want to #humblebrag to your Instagram followers), we've got a genius cooking hack for you to try. Watch the Food & Wine video above to learn the insanely easy trick for making ice cream sandwiches at home. All you need is a knife, a pint of ice cream, and cookies—artisanal bonus points if they're homemade.