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These better-for-you noshes have straightforward ingredient lists you can actually read.

Ever scanned an ingredient list and wondered what the heck you were actually putting into your body? Us too. That’s because the majority of food labels read as if they’re written in another language, thanks to common additives like “disodium guanylate” (a flavor enhancer) and “azodicarbonamide” (a dough strengthener). While plenty of these ingredients are generally recognized as safe (or GRAS) by the FDA, experts agree the fewer the mystery items on a food label, the better. As journalist Michael Pollan put it, “Don’t eat anything your great-great-great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” That is, stick to whole foods as much as possible, and leave the processed stuff on the grocery store shelf.

That all sounds logical enough. But alas, life gets crazy, and most of us don’t have time to sprout almonds at home before heading off to work. To make things easier on you, we found the best packaged snacks that contain five or fewer ingredients. Best of all, you can pronounce every item on the label and each snack is available for purchase on Amazon. Snacktime just got a whole lot simpler, friends.

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