Love your chicken extra spicy? Then bite into this recipe which combines hot sauce, BBQ sauce, AND chili sauce.

By Fox News Magazine
Updated January 30, 2015
Credit: Courtesy Fox News Magazine/Andrew Purcell

The folks at Cholula, who came up with the recipe for these chicken strips, are billing this dish as the perfect pre-game appetizer. And we totally agree.

But, when you really think about it, it's technically always pre-game, so we could argue that these chicken strips are the perfect appetizer for anytime whatsoever.

And we totally will, right now:

In addition to tailgating parties, this recipe for spicy strips is perfect for tonight, or tomorrow's breakfast, or a picnic, or a mid-shower snack—basically any time between now and the final seconds of the NFL's pre-game show is the appropriate time to enjoy a huge plate of these pungent, peppery chicken tenders.

Just don't eat them directly after any football games; you don't want to anger the mighty football Gods with your wanton post-game snacking.

Check out the recipe for Cholula's Spicy Chicken Strips at Fox News Magazine

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