This delicious dessert recipe features creamy pumpkin pie puree.
Credit: News Magazine

Everyone knows a pumpkin passion during the cool fall season can’t be squashed—which is why you should be savoring this warm, freshly baked dish.

We get it, the arrival of autumn means everything in your fridge will suddenly taste like seasonal pumpkin pie loaded with spice. But if you really want to enjoy a dish that features actual pumpkin and not just shovelfuls of sugar, consider whipping up our new favorite: pumpkin spice French toast casserole.

It’s a mouthful, but this thick, fluffy meal from highlights creamy pumpkin pie puree, velvety vanilla, and a hearty pound of Italian-style bread—oh, and let’s not forget the butter and brown sugar crumble with chopped pecans.

“This autumn-inspired casserole is both custardy and crunchy and perfect for brunch—or even dessert,” say the chefs from the culinary network. “We used pumpkin pie puree, which comes pre-sweetened and spiced, lending an extra touch of warmth.”

“Since the unbaked casserole needs to rest overnight, this is an ideal make-ahead company-worthy dish," they add.

All you need now is some smooth cider to make your autumnal feast complete.

Check out the recipe for the Pumpkin Spice French Toast Casserole at Fox News Magazine.

This article originally appeared on Fox News Magazine