By Sarah DiGiulio
Beat summer heat with a crisp glass of bubbly! This clean sparkling wine bursts with orchard fruit essences, and boasts a few heart-healthy pros.

The toast: Ruffino Prosecco ($14.99 per bottle; available at wine retailers nationwide)

Tasting notes: Extra dry with deep apple, pear, and peach hints—that's wine-speak for not too sweet (lots of bubbles keep it refreshing), but still full of fruit flavor.

Drink wise: Bubbly is a heart helper! One flute of sparkling wine a week has been shown to lower blood pressure, thanks to the drink’s polyphenols, according to a study from the University of Reading in England. Plus, this pick’s 11% alcohol content is lower than most wines.

Pair with: Prosecco’s clean taste pairs perfectly with white meats, shellfish, and fish. Try with smoked salmon for a light brunch cocktail. Surprise companion: Pizza! The fizzy wine cuts the acidity of the cheese and tomatoes.