Quinoa is rich in fiber and protein. Check out these three recipes for mouth-watering quinoa dishes.


Quinoa is a healthy eating staple in our book. Not only is the versatile pick rich in fiber to keep you feeling full, it’s also a perfect protein-packed alternative to higher-carb grains like rice. The fact that quinoa tastes totally delicious doesn’t hurt either! In this video, we’ll show you how to incorporate quinoa into all your meals.

From meatless quinoa and chickpea burgers that the whole family will enjoy to an energy-revving quinoa black bean salad that’s loaded with fresh ingredients, each of these recipes will bring something new to the table.

We’ll even show you how to add quinoa to your breakfast with these quinoa ginger-pecan muffins. One will set you back only 118 calories; store-bought muffins can pack as many as 600!

We have a feeling these three quinoa recipes will have you salivating, stat. Watch the video above for a full rundown, then eat up.