Love peanut butter cups? Hate the calories? Here are protein-packed peanut desserts that keep your taste buds and your waistline happy!


Peanut butter may be a childhood staple, but the nutty spread is actually an ideal snack food for healthy adults, too. The classic toast topper isn’t exactly low in calories—a 2-tablespoon serving is typically around 200 calories—but it packs an impressive punch when it comes to good-for-you monounsaturated fats and protein. After all, just one golf ball-sized serving provides a solid 8 grams of protein.

Above all, it’s the condiment’s creaminess that lends itself well to crafting rich desserts. The best part about peanut butter is that it makes treats taste totally indulgent but also offers some nutrition, unlike empty sources of fat that are often added to sweets, like heavy cream or butter. (Sorry.)

In this video, we’re showing you three of our go-to peanut butter desserts that are high in protein and perfect for your sweet tooth. From peanut butter-infused crispy rice treats to lightened up peanut butter kiss cookies and crunchy chocolate ‘haystack’ bites, these three healthy dessert recipes offer slimmed-down versions of your favorite nutty confections.

You won’t believe how easy it is to make diet-smart swaps in these recipes. For example, we used puffed brown rice cereal to bring some fiber to our peanut butter crispy rice treats, and added naturally-sweet dried cherries for an extra layer of flavor, too. For our chocolate-covered peanut butter bites, we melted semisweet (rather than milk) chocolate chips to cut the sugar content.

If you aren’t sold yet, know this: all three of the peanut butter desserts have fewer than 200 calories per serving and take under an hour to make from start to finish. Diet-friendly and ready stat? Yes, please.

Watch the video above to see how simple it is to whip up the three decadent-tasting peanut butter desserts that are high in protein and heart-healthy fats. The nutrients help keep you feeling satisfied, so you’re less likely to overindulge later. The bottom line? PB lovers, feel free to go nuts with these must-try recipes.