At long last, supermarkets are stocking naturally flavored sparklers to quench a soda craving without too many calories (or artificial additives). A few of our favorites:


Izze Esque
Unlike many low-cal sodas, this one doesn't have a trace of fake sugar in it. Instead, it's flavored with fruit juice, making it a reasonable 50 calories per 12-oz bottle.

With unusual flavors like juniper berry and lavender, this not-too-sweet, four-ingredient sparkling drink was made with grown-ups in mind. Cals per 12-oz bottle range from 45 to 70.

Hint Fizz
The popular brand of water, which is flavored with natural extracts from the flesh and pulp of fruit, now comes with bubbles--and, of course, it's still calorie free.

How about you? Any all-natural summer favorites?