See what's actually inside the beloved chocolate-hazelnut spread.

By Julia Naftulin
Updated February 17, 2017
Credit: Getty Images

No matter how much we hope and pray that Nutella has some hidden health benefit, the reality is, the delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread is simply not that great for us (sigh). Now a new viral photo has made that fact inescapably clear.

Reddit user MrFlow posted the image below with the caption "What Nutella is actually made of." It shows Nutella's top five ingredients layered in the jar.

Sugar takes up nearly half(!) the container. Palm oil, which is high in saturated fat, is the second most abundant ingredient. Skim milk powder, cocoa, and hazelnuts fill up the rest of the jar. (Missing are the emulsifier lecithin and the artificial flavor vanillin.)

We know this image is unverified, but it's likely not far from the truth. There's no question the spread is loaded with sugar and fat. And the striking visual is a good reminder to enjoy the beloved treat in moderation.

To satisfy your Nutella cravings, try whipping up our yummy Nutella alternative instead: The recipe calls for one avocado, raw cacao powder, maple syrup, vanilla extract, a pinch of salt—and that's it. See how it's made in the video below.

You can smear this low-sugar spread on toast or apple slices; or use it as the filling in whoopie pies or s'mores. With nutritious, fiber-rich avocado as the main ingredient, the fudgy frosting is a treat you can feel good about.