Weekday lunch prep just got a lot easier. Watch this video from Cooking Light to learn how to layer these three perfect Mason jar salads.Chicken & berry salad with quinoa & brown rice: First, pour balsamic vinaigrette into the bottom of the jar, then layer chicken, strawberries, blueberries, brown rice & quinoa, sliced almonds, and feta cheese. Then place greens on top.Chicken, black bean, & romaine salad: Start with yogurt herb ranch, then chicken, grape tomatoes, black beans, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, and top with romaine.Shrimp & chickpea salad: Begin with lemon vinaigrette, followed by shrimp, cucumbers, chickpeas, heirloom tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and arugula.TIP: Putting the dressing at the bottom of the jar ensures your lettuce makes it to lunch hour without getting soggy.