Fans may not be able to enjoy the season 5 premiere of Downton Abbey just yet. But for now, you can get a kick out of this gingerbread version of the Crawley residence, made by Martha Stewart.
Credit: Magrino/PEOPLE Great Ideas

We can’t make the season 5 premiere of Downton Abbey (January 4, set your DVRs) come any faster. But—just in time for the holidays—we can show you a gingerbread version of the celebrated Crawley residence, as created by Martha Stewart for actress Lesley Nicol, who, fittingly, plays the cook, Mrs. Patmore.

Quite a splendid idea, if you ask us.

The backstory: Earlier this week, Nicol—looking so glam and so unlike Mrs. Patmore that we almost didn’t recognize her—visited the Martha Stewart headquarters in N.Y.C. to meet the homemaking-media guru, who happens to be a devoted fan of the PBS Masterpiece series.

“It’s a perspective on a place and a time that for me is like a fairy tale,” Stewart said on her blog, adding, “It’s such a refreshing program to watch on television: the drama, the good acting, the fabulous sets.”

After touring the offices, Nicol noted that Stewart’s kitchens were “very impressive and professional” and nothing like her downstairs workspace on the show. “We have a lot of pans and jelly molds there,” she said.

If you’re into stats, note that it took two bakers 34 hours to decorate and two hours to assemble. The structure required 66 cups of flour, 22 eggs, and 11 cups of molasses. (Suddenly our holiday grocery list doesn’t seem so long.)

Here’s a closer look at the facade of “Gingerbread Abbey” and its 65 caramel windows:

Photo: Magrino

We’re still marveling over the tiny rendering of Isis, Lord Crawley’s dog, but we have one request: That Stewart and her team tackle gingerbread cast members next. How much would you love to see Lady Mary’s stunning gowns reinterpreted in royal icing?
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