Light Summer Sips

Quench your thirst with these low-cal cocktails and beverages.

Don't be tempted by that cup of sugar-laden Kool-Aid or ice-cold margarita! When you need a summer drink, use these four light summer sips that will quench your thirst and cost you less than 250 calories.

Passion Fruit Mimosas
Upgrade your orange juice–based mimosa with this festive drink. Use prosecco, an Italian wine, to provide a bubbly base to this recipe without costing as much as Champagne. The passion-fruit juice will bring the same tangy flavor as OJ, without the acidity.

Try this recipe:Passion Fruit Mimosas

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Mango-Mint-Rum Slush


If you love margaritas, cut up to 300 calories with this refreshing frozen drink. The recipe uses fresh mango, lime juice, and rum to get the same flavor of margarita mix without the unwanted sugar and preservatives. And the mint adds a surprising freshness to this ice-cold beverage. This drink can also be enjoyed sans alcohol if you don't want to imbibe.

Try this recipe:Mango-Mint-Rum Slush

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Pressed Watermelon With Basil Water


This fruity drink clocks in at less than 50 thirst-quenching calories. Use white-wine vinegar and a bit of sea salt to create a salty-sweet combo that makes this recipe a perfect complement for grilled dishes. Plus, watermelon is rich in lycopene, which may protect against certain cancers.

Try this recipe:Pressed Watermelon With Basil Water

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Minted Sake and Pineapple Cooler


For sake novices, this cocktail, with its sweet flavor, is the perfect introduction to the Japanese rice wine. Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C and mint is thought to cure stomachaches. And the best part is the festive color: Let the finished drink stand for a bit before serving, and it will separate into a beautiful deep green topped with sea-green froth.

Try this recipe:Minted Sake and Pineapple Cooler

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