The prank on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' is a perfect example of the health halo effect.

You don't need us to tell you that juicing is hot, hot, hot. But could most people tell the difference between organic, cold-pressed, all-natural juice made with real fruits and vegetables…and a "juice" made with Fun Dip?

That's what Jimmy Kimmel set out to discover in his latest video prank. He invented a cold-pressed juice line called Jüce and offered farmer's market shoppers the chance to taste the various $19(!) flavors. The catch: Each juice was made with totally unnatural ingredients, including "Soul" (Fun Dip), "Cure" (Tang), "Detox" (melted Creamsicles), and "Rainbow" (blended Skittles).

In a perfect example of the health halo effect, tasters (one of whom described himself as a "juice connoisseur") used words like "cleansing," "refreshing, like you just drank something that's good for you," "not too sugary," and "like you really just squeezed it out of the fruit" to describe these decidedly unhealthy drinks.

Although it's funny to think that someone would detect false notes of kale in a Skittles smoothie, study after study has shown that we're easily misled by healthy-sounding labels. In fact, past research has shown that putting the word "organic" on a label makes people think that the food is not only healthier, but actually tastes better. Might be worth making your own juice at home so you know exactly what you're getting.