How not to make the Crock-Pot mistake that cost Jack Pearson his life.

By Blake Bakkila
March 01, 2018
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If you haven’t tuned in to This Is Us lately (thanks for bringing it back this week, NBC), you might want to stop reading; significant spoilers are ahead.

America’s favorite dad, Jack Pearson, was cruelly taken from us because of a faulty slow cooker. He made sure to turn off the Crock-Pot, but the glitchy kitchen appliance ultimately caused the fire that resulted in Jack’s death. Inspired by this tragic episode, fans have created the kitchen accessory we never knew we needed: a decal that reminds you to unplug your slow cooker...from Jack Pearson himself.

“Unplug, Jack” is a phrase you can now post on your Crock-Pot. If you’re a fan of making chili and excitedly turning on NBC every Tuesday to watch the show, this may be the perfect purchase. This decal comes in 20 colors, and it can purchased for $6 on

Etsy users are also sharing their own Jack Pearson–inspired designs, like this one from Tiny Toes Boutique. The decal features a plug, arrow, and heart to spread the love (and a safety reminder) on your slow cooker ($7;

Sabols Creation crafted two designs, complete with an image of Milo Ventimiglia. The phrases available are the classic, “Unplug, Jack,” and the other is, “Never trust a Crock.” You may want to act fact. The shop owner shared that turnaround times may be delayed because of the high volume of orders they’ve received ($5;

As we mentally prepare for next week’s episode, we're also thinking of whipping up our favorite slow cooker recipes. Just dut don’t forget to unplug it before the tears start flowing.