By Dorothy Foltz-Gray
Updated May 14, 2013

Shop unscripted, and not only will you buy the same tired ingredients every week but your money will fly away—and your impulse control will, too. Try our pointers for making a convenient, life-lengthening list.

Make a meal plan
Pick out a few recipes, and you have an instant ingredient list that will rein in impulse buys.

Draw up a master list
Compiling your grocery receipts for four weeks will give you a master list that helps you avoid buying stuff you already have. Keep it on the fridge and mark down what you bought when.

Dont shop hungry
Youll eat your way through the store!

Organize aisle by aisle
This time-saver will keep you from zigzagging back and forth in the store.

Write down a rainbow
Choose different colors of fruits and vegetables to guarantee variety.