Before fall's through, you should enjoy as much pumpkin as you can. These delicious pumpkin madeleines from Lena Kwak are a sweet and healthy way to indulge.
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Pumpkin-infused drinks and pumpkin-spiced foods are only in fashion for a scant few months, so it's only natural we try to cram those flavors into every recipe we can get our hands on.

Some are better than others, of course. Lots of mediocre recipes tend to shoehorn pumpkin into the mix, but the best come about when pumpkin feels organic to the dish. A great example of the latter is Lena Kwak's pumpkin madeleines, which not only capture the flavors of fall, but utilize them to enhance an already delicious dessert.

In addition to traditional ingredients like butter, eggs and sugar, Chef Kwak's madeleines are made with pumpkin spice and pumpkin puree for a double dose of gourd-ey goodness—and since she prepares them with her Cup4Cup flour substitute, they're perfect for people with gluten allergies (as are many of her other great recipes).

So ditch your pumpkin-spiced-mocha-chai lattes, or pumpkin-crumb-peppermint muffin bites, or whatever pumpkin-flavored crap you're eating, and try something that really celebrates the season.

Check out the recipe for Lena Kwak's Pumpkin Madeleines at Fox News Magazine.

This article originally appeared on Fox News Magazine