Anyone who grows vegetables knows that zucchini can be quite prolific during the late summer, and one food blogger came up with a sweet solution to use the extra squash.

By Lexi Dwyer, PEOPLE Great Ideas
September 04, 2014
Trish Rosenquist

Here’s an idea we can rally behind: When life gives you zucchini, make a decadent chocolate cake.

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  • Anyone who grows vegetables knows that this popular squash can be quite prolific during the late summer, and food blogger Trish Rosenquist of Mom on Timeout came up with a sweet solution when she found herself picking at least one (or two!) zucchini daily for several weeks.

    “I’d love to call this bread and pretend it’s ‘healthier’ but I think once a bread has a dripping, decadent, chocolate glaze poured on it, well, why pretend?” she writes of her cake, which she makes in a bundt pan to better flaunt its glossy frosting. Speaking of which, Rosenquist saves herself time and extra dishwashing by making the glaze in a microwaveable Pyrex measuring cup, so when it’s finished cooking she can simply pour it over the cake.

    Though it is an indulgence, you shouldn’t totally write off this treat’s nutritional value: Zucchini, which has a high water content that makes it an ideal baking ingredient, is full of nutrients like vitamin A and potassium. Just don’t tell your kids, who will likely gobble up this dessert with gusto.

    “The zucchini isn’t overpowering, it’s most definitely a chocolate cake,” Rosenquist tells PEOPLE.

    Check out the recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake at PEOPLE Great Ideas.

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