It really is an acquired taste.

If you're like us, you can't get enough of coffee's rich taste, but for some of the kids in's latest viral video, drinking a cup of Joe is right on par with eating "cow poop."

This time, the makers of "Parents Explain the Birds and the Bees" asked several children to try morning delicacies from countries like Korea, Vietnam, and the Netherlands for "American Kids Try Breakfast Foods From Around the World."

While many of the dishes elicit some pretty strong reactions, none is more entertaining than the one for coffee. At least two of the testers spit their sips back in their cups. Another is just confused as to why it's served in the first place. "I think it's weird that kids drink coffee in Brazil," he explains.

The other thing that boggles these American kids: the choice of morning proteins around the world. When presented with a salmon dish from Finland, one girl puts it bluntly: "No I would not eat fish in the morning." In the opening scene, as a kid takes a spoon to a breakfast soup from Korea, he almost can't handle it. "Oh my gosh!" he says to the off-screen interviewer. "I just found a dead fish in it."

Thankfully, taste preferences are known to change as we age. Give it a few years and we're willing to bet these kids will be happily enjoying lox and a latte any day of the week.