The Healthiest Fruits for Your Body

It's not exactly breaking news that fruit is good for you. After all, we're told to eat our fruits and veggies from the time we're old enough to chew. But just how much do you know about the health benefits of each variety? Are grapes as good for you as raspberries? Which has more sugar, apples or bananas? Understanding the nutritional perks of each fruit isn't always self-explanatory, but it can help you maximize your healthy eating goals.

Take grapefruit, for example. The super-tart citrus is somewhat of a superfood, since it's been shown to help lower cholesterol. And cantaloupe? It may not be as common (no one calls for 'a cantaloupe a day'), but the juicy melon offers vitamin A, which boosts cell reproduction. Cue the glowy skin!

Tropical fruits offer their own set of slimming benefits too. Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that aids digestion by helping to break down food faster. Snack on the naturally-sweet snack or add it to your morning smoothie when you're feeling bloated. Added bonus: You'll feel like you're on an island vacation.

And if you're looking for a hit of vitamin C, don't just look to oranges. They may get all the vitamin C publicity, but kiwis are actually just as rich in the immune-boosting nutrient. Go figure.

Curious what other superfruits are out there? Watch this video to see the 13 healthiest fruits that you can buy in any grocery store. We have a feeling you'll feel just peachy after having these wholesome and refreshing eats.

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