By Mara Betsch
Updated June 04, 2013

It's about this time every year that I curse the frigid temperatures and long for warm weather, frozen drinks, and barbecues. However, because I live in a small Manhattan apartment, I usually have to rely on others to provide the grill. But it looks like I've found a solution to that problem.

EZ Grills ($5–$10, depending on size; available online or in stores nationwide) are portable, mess-free charcoal grills that allow you make your grilled favorites in nearly any environment. I tried mine out on Super Bowl Sunday by placing it on the roof of my apartment. The grill lit up perfectly with just one match, and in no time my burgers (veggie, of course) and kebabs were cooked to perfection (well, slightly charred).

Plus, cleanup was quick and painless—no scrubbing or hauling a heavy grill up and down stairs. The grills are made of recyclable aluminum, with minimum packaging, so my environmental conscience didn't feel too guilty. Though it was pretty chilly up on my roof, this grill is so small, it could easily fit on a small balcony or patio.

My grilling technique may need some work, but this summer I'll finally be able to host my own barbecue, using some of these delicious recipes or by creating some of my own.