Toasted grasshoppers sold out at the Seattle Mariners home opener this week.

By Anthea Levi
April 12, 2017
Getty Images

Move over, peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Bugs may be the new ballpark snack of choice. At the Seattle Mariners home opener on Monday night, concession stands added toasted grasshoppers to the menu for the first time—and the crispy critters sold out.

The hoppers, called Chapulines, are available at Safeco Field as a taco filling, or as a small side in a cup. A few adventurous eaters have taken to social media to document their taste tests. "The verdict is in: The grasshoppers at Safeco are crunchy, limey, and definitely spicy," wrote @astrofansinseattle on Instagram.

"Trying out those grasshoppers," @meggiedee_ captioned her post.

Along with a photo of his beer and cup of hoppers, @bowshot wrote: "chapulines and a Citrus Mistress #ilovesafecofield"

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The positive response to the ballpark's new snack may not be all that surprising. More people have been buzzing about bugs lately as a healthy and sustainable way to add protein to your diet. And ICYMI, Angelina Jolie said she and her kids regularly nosh on crickets and tarantulas. So there's that.

Science backs up the health benefits of eating bugs too. Research published last year in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that insects can supply as much iron, magnesium, and other nutrients as steak. Grasshoppers, crickets, and mealworms also had higher concentrations of chemically available zinc, magnesium, copper, and calcium than the sirloin.

If all this is enough to convince you to order grasshoppers rather than a hot dog the next time you're at the ballpark, you might want to get in line early.