Looking for something a little fresher than a sexy witch costume this Halloween? We've got you covered.

Cecily McAndrews
October 14, 2014

Looking for something a little fresher than a sexy witch costume this Halloween? We've got you covered. These outfits are so fresh, in fact, they're inspired by your balanced diet. Snag one of these 13 costumes of healthy foods (and condiments!) that are just as fun and fit as you are.


Not only is this costume gosh-darn adorable, but think of the variations: You could tote around a cup of tea and a Corgi stuffed animal and be an English Pea, wave a United Nations flag and be World Peas, or you could say sassy things all night and be an Aw, Snap! Pea. Get ready for some compliments. ($21,


This costume might look all sweet and innocent with its cute seeds, but when you wear it you’ll be channeling watermelon’s kick-a#@ antioxidant properties. Take that, free radicals! ($40,



You’ll be the best-looking veggie in the room—and the best-seeing, because what your mom told you is true: carrots are great for your eyes. If you have a newborn, dress him or her up in this baby carrot costume. Let's all say it together now—awww. ($26,


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Low-calorie corn on the cob is a summertime treat—come fall, it makes an engagingly silly costume. Plus, just like peas, the accessorizing opportunities are fantastic: if you’re handing out treats to kids, you’re Candy Corn. Prone to bad puns? Congratulations! You’re a Corny Jokester. Throw in a toy guitar and a rock-star wig, you could be Pop Corn. If it’s chilly out, you could be Frozen Corn—but we don’t recommend that. ($36,



This cute costume presents the perfect icebreaker: Are tomatoes vegetables or fruits? While you and your fellow partygoers may not agree, it's a fact that tomatoes are high in the antioxidant lycopene as well as potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. ($39,



Planning to spend a long night out? Dress in this goofy banana costume, and bring a few to munch on as well—according to a study in PLoS ONE, cyclists who snacked on bananas performed as well as those who had sports drinks. With this fun getup, you’ll want to stay out on the town. ($27,


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If you’re getting ready to wear this super-hot costume, indulge in a little—you guessed it!—sriracha, because chilies might rev your metabolism. ($60,



While this costume is popular with kids, why should the elementary school set have all the fun? Grapes can help you look and feel young: grapeseed oil is terrific for skin, and the juice from these little powerhouses might even help you ward off colds. ($48-$90,



Applesauce? On you, it’ll be more like apple-sass! Pair your costume with one of the real thing to tap into the cholesterol-lowering, muscle-building, weight-moderating benefits of this seasonal fruit. ($30,


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Chile pepper

Showing up in this pepper costume will add some kick to your Halloween party. If it weren’t terrific enough to look at, chilies are also great for you—they might promote weight loss. ($31,



When you wear this movie-friendly box of popcorn, you’ll be the star of the party! If you’re looking for coordinating snacks to serve, check out these 10 healthy popcorn recipes—minus the blockbuster-sized scoops of butter. ($37,



Our favorite low-calorie condiment jazzes up light dishes, and offers antioxidants to boot. As a costume, it has take-me-to-the-ballgame charm, and makes a great couples costume paired with a ketchup outfit. ($24,


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According to some studies, moderate alcohol consumption might reduce your risk of heart disease. There haven’t been studies on whether you’ll have tons of fun in this costume, but our hypothesis is yes. ($34,


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