French Toast 3 Ways

Enjoy these fresh takes on your favorite breakfast food. They're perfect for brunch, and you'll have no problem leaving your family full and happy.

Once used as a last attempt to save stale bread, French toast has evolved into an international breakfast staple. Whether you stick to the basics or top your toast with fruit and specialty syrups, it proves to be an easy way to please a hungry breakfast crowd. Enjoy our fresh takes on your old favorites.

Perfect for a holiday brunch, this irresistible baked French toast is prepared the night before and goes straight from the fridge to the oven. Try using thick slices of whole-grain bread for a fiber boost.

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Maple-cinnamon French toast


Straight from New England, this recipe will be a hit at any brunch. Using vanilla extract and cinnamon will give you plenty of flavor without the added fat of butter.

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Easy French toast casserole

Need a new recipe for your Sunday Funday? Try this new take on an old breakfast standby. By baking the French toast in a casserole dish, it soaks up the homemade syrup for a flavorful burst of sweetness in every bite. Watch the video to learn how to make it.

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