editors taste test the latest in healthy eats

Looking for an after-dinner indulgence? On a chilly night, a strong brewed cup of one of these dessert teas with a splash of warm milk satisfies my sweet tooth—so I can save those extra-fat and sugar splurges for when they're really worth it.

The product: The Republic of Tea Cuppa Chocolate Teas ($9.50 for a tin of 36 teabags; available online and at natural and specialty food stores nationwide)

The taste factor: Decadent flavors of red velvet cake and chocolate-covered strawberries get re-created with blends of all-natural cocoa powder and chocolate, rooibos tea, and other herbs, fruits, and spices. Fusions of vanilla beans, coconut, strawberries, and peppermint leaves naturally sweeten the deep, chocolate flavor.

The health factor: Treat yourself to the taste of your favorite dessert treats without the extra fat or calories. A strongly brewed cup is free of calories but big on flavor. And the caffeine-free herbal rooibos blends are the perfect before-bed choice. Plus, the natural flavonoids in rooibos tea pack plenty of antioxidants, known for their cancer-fighting benefits.

Editors' pick: Warm vanilla and rich beetroot give the Red Velvet Chocolate tea a luxurious flavor. I added about a half cup of warm milk for extra creaminess (plus a little extra protein and calcium).

Why we love it: You can enjoy all the flavor of your favorite luxury sweets—without the empty calories. A guiltless treat to warm you up anytime a craving calls!