First there were plain, fried white potato chips. Then they were baked. And most recently, they were popped. In between all that revolution were flavors far beyond BBQ and ranch, and expansion to bases like sweet potato and veggies.

We’ve been dipping and dunking our way through dips and sauces with all kinds of chips, but perhaps one of, if not the, most notable combo: Tortilla chips and salsa.

In general tortilla chips can sometimes be a better choice than artificially flavored cheese puffs or greasy bags of the original variety, but no amount of multi-grain marketing on a package can make a bag of fake nacho cheese tortilla chips a healthy choice.

There’s a new kid on the playground now though. Popchips, which first came onto the scene with their light-as-air potato chip alternative, recently expanded their healthy popping technique to the tortilla realm.

Flavors include ranch, salsa, chili limon, and yes, nacho cheese. But with no single-serving bag topping 120 calories or 4 grams of fat, you can feel better about reaching into the bag. These chips are popped from the same ingredients in traditional tortillas and are naturally seasoned—nothing artificial.

Popchips tortilla chips are a gluten-free, low-cal, low-fat snack that also satisfies your need from something salty and crunchy. They’ll never be a wavy potato chip loaded with French onion dip, but if you try the salsa flavor, they just might combine the chips and salsa duo into one tasty bag you can feel OK about finishing.