By Olivia Rassow
Updated: December 08, 2016

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More than 9 million tickets have been sold to the London Olympic games. Add those fans to a slew of world-class athletes, officials, broadcasters, and an extensive workforce, and it’s clear that the city will need to be serving up a LOT of food.

While there’s no gold medal awarded for stuffing your face, we were wondering: What does one eat at the Olympics?

For starters, the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) estimates that they’ll be serving more than 14 million meals.

The Olympic Village plans to fuel athletes with more than 330 tons of fruit and veggies, and we hear that visitors to Olympic Park will be able to choose from some 800 food stands.

The organizing committee says it will serve nutritious, affordable, and sustainable food at the games, including 82 tons of seafood to be used for the city's classic fish and chips. Visitors can expect to see other favorites such as fish, pork, curries, and cakes, and free drinking water will be available at all venues.

If you’re stateside, you should plan to celebrate in style. Try serving healthier versions of British classics for your opening ceremony festivities. We love to munch on Bethenny Frankel’s Guilt-Free Fries, or you can make a better version of fried fish and chips with our recipe for Panko Breaded Halibut with Warm Fingerling Potatoes.

Need another option? Try this easy and yummy Indian Curry--a nod to British history and the cultural influences that make up the nation. Go team USA!

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