editors taste test the latest in healthy eats

I'm a sucker for Mounds candy bars, but LUNA's new Chocolate Dipped Coconut Bar tastes just about as delicious—and is much more nutritious and filling!

The product: LUNA Chocolate Dipped Coconut Bar ($1.39 per bar, $18.75 per box; available at grocers nationwide and online at

The taste factor: This bar has the makings of a decadent treat: chocolate drizzled over a layer of toasted coconut, atop a savory granola bar. And it tastes just as rich as it looks—so much so that if the bar hadn't been in a LUNA wrapper, I might have found it hard to know it's a health bar!

The health factor: The bar is leaps and bounds better than something you'd find in the candy aisle, with its 9 grams of protein, 3 grams of filling fiber, calcium, vitamin D, and iron. Plus, it's 70% organic, which makes for a simpler ingredient list. But at 190 calories for the whole bar (a regular-size Mounds bar only has 40 more!), make sure your other snacks throughout the day are on the lighter side.

Why we love it: You get your sweet treat fix for the day plus a heaping serving of good-for-you nutrients, and you'll feel full to boot!