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Warmer temps outside send me straight to the freezer for something cold and creamy. A scoop of this sweet, frozen find indulges my craving sans sugar and fat overload, with a healthy dose of nutrients to boot.

The product: Lifeway Frozen Kefir ($4.49-$4.99; available at major grocers nationwide)

The taste factor: Get the tanginess of yogurt with a hint of sweet from the strawberry, pomegranate, mango, or vanilla flavors. This creamy frozen treat is refreshing by itself, but mellow enough to top with your favorite add-ons like fresh fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips. Added bonus: The texture stays thick and smooth, even as it starts to melt.

The health factor: This sweet treat's nutrition label ranks it on par with breakfast dairy rather than an ice cream splurge. A 90-calorie, half-cup portion serves up 4 grams of protein—just as much calcium as the same amount of milk—and 10 different probiotics to help digestion and fend off bad stomach bacteria. Plus, if you're looking for a dairy alternative, it's 99% lactose free.

Editor's pick: Original (with a hint of vanilla) was the perfect base for tasty topping combos like dark chocolate chips and coconut, or crushed walnuts and a dash of cinnamon—sweet, tart, and full of flavor.

Why we love it: It tastes like a splurge, but it's healthy enough to go back for seconds, thanks to its calcium and probiotics. Keep this one on hand for when you need something chilled and tasty.