Healtheditors taste-test the latest in healthy eats

This cereal combines healthy whole grains and a fruity crunch in one tasty breakfast (or afternoon snack).

The product: Kashi Berry Blossoms Cereal ($3.59 per 10.5-ounce box; available at grocers nationwide)

The taste factor: Real strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries give these graham squares a tangy punch that's not too sweet. Even with a splash of milk, they stay light and crispy. (Read more about Kashi's commitment to real food here.)

The health factor: Not the profile of the average fruity cereal—a blend of seven whole grains including barley, oats, brown rice, sesame seeds, and buckwheat boosts these fruity squares with 18 grams of whole grains per serving and only 7 grams of sugar. Plus, every 100-calorie serving dishes 5 grams of fiber to keep you full.

Why we love it: A bowl of these squares satisfied my morning sweet tooth. This fruity choice makes it easy to skip that blueberry muffin (packed with sugar) and get the fiber you need.