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I have a serious sweet tooth, so when I see candy that claims it is "Vegetarian! Gluten Free! All Natural!" I usually turn and run the other way. These little jellies, though, are not only made without the artificial gunk, but they actually taste delicious, too.

The product: Goody Good Stuff gummy candy ($1.99 to $2.99 for a bag containing two to three servings; available online and at Stop & Shop and Giant supermarkets)

The taste factor: This all-natural, vegetarian brand got its start in the U.K., and has now expanded to the U.S.—for good reason. These little jellies are delicious! They've got a yummy tang, just like traditional gummies, and I especially enjoy the variety of flavors—everything from Summer Peaches to Strawberry & Cream. The company even offers nostalgic ones like Cola Breeze and Sour Fruit Salad. The best part: The jellies are not overly cloying (read: I didn't get a sugar rush). Plus, they have a soft, light texture, so they won't break your jaw when you're chewing 'em.

The health factor: Goody Good Stuff uses a plant-based gum, instead of the meat- and by-product-based gelatin Haribo and some other brands use. A good thing! The sour flavors are 100% vegan, while the others, which contain beeswax, are 100% vegetarian. I'm also impressed that the company uses all-natural flavors and colors, unlike much of the competition. But like any sweet, the jellies do have lots of sugar—anywhere from 19 to 23 grams for eight to nine pieces—and the nutrition label does list corn syrup and sugar as the first two ingredients. That means I've still got to consider them a candy and not a health food (aka I won't make them a daily indulgence), but at 107 to 121 calories per serving, they're still pretty low-cal for a treat! Also, I would have really liked it if Goody Good Stuff had thrown some vitamin C in there, too.

Editors' pick: I'm a sucker for sour candy (I can't go to the movies without a bag of Sour Patch Kids), so the Sour Mix & Match flavor is a personal favorite—they taste practically the same!

Why we love it:The just-like-the-real-thing texture combined with the fun flavors of these jellies can't be beat. But most important, we like that they're made from plants—and that they don't have crazy artificial food dyes or flavors.